Vonda Beerman
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"You do indeed have a lovely voice, the accompaniment was beautiful. It is my desire that all our chaplains see fit to include you in their programming. I have included a list of the facilities and contact people at these institutions. Best wishes for your musical ministry." "I would like to encourage anyone who is seeking to host inspirational music for their religious organization to call upon the ministry of Vonda Beerman. We had the privilege of her visit and were richly blessed by her angelic voice. But more importantly were blessed by the true spirit behind it. Our congregation was inspired and uplifted. I would encourage anyone who has not heard Vonda to schedule her for a visit or find the location of her next concert and attend."
--Carrie Cantrell, Music Coord., Hyland Park Assembly of God, Fayetteville, AR


"...We would highly recommend her for any professional performance. She not only has a lovely, melodic voice, her Christian life-style reveals the source of her gift from our Lord and Savior."
--Carlos Pardeiro, President of KSBN Television - Springdale, AR


"I had the rich opportunity to work closely with the Beerman's during NET Evangelism Telecast. I was deeply impressed with their faith, Christian commitment and dedication to the Lord's work. Vonda has been blessed with a special gift of music and makes wise choices in her use of that gift. I can say with confidence that their music would enhance any church program or evangelistic series, indeed to give them a whole evening for a music program would be time well spent. This family and their ministry has my full recommendation.”
--Doug Batchelor, Director/Speaker, Amazing Facts


"This is a letter of recommendation for Vonda Beerman and her music ministry. Vonda has had a strong relationship with Three Angels Broadcasting Network for years and has made meaningful contributions to our programming at 3ABN. This includes the sharing of her music and testimony with our viewers. In all our dealings with Vonda, she has proven herself to be a professional of the highest standard and she has always been a pleasure to work with. Her level of commitment to the Lord and depth of spirituality are an inspiration to all. I give Vonda the highest recommendation. I feel assured that she will be a blessing to you, as she has been to 3ABN."
--Danny Shelton, Pres. Three Angels Broadcasting Network, West Frankfort, IL


"Greetings to you from Nairobi-Kenya Africa...I am the program producer and have a Gospel outreach ministry for the National Radio Station KBC which is serving all the 25 million people in this country. We have been airing your CD, "Will You Love Jesus More" and enjoy your wonderful voice and sincerity as you so calmly and comfortably sing. Please send more of your music as soon as possible. May God bless you with increased opportunities for your music."
--Job Gathemia, Producer of World Radio, Nairobi-Kenya Africa


"Vonda's voice has been a blessing and a real inspiration to many congregations in the three state area. If you desire a deeply spiritual sacred concert, you will want to call on the music ministry of Vonda Beerman. I highly commend her as a committed Christian desiring to uplift Christ in her witness through music."
--Stephen Orian, Former President of AR-LA Conference of SDA


"Thank you for being a part of our program. God used you to touch the hearts of our members. He has given you a tremendous gift in music and lives can be focused on Jesus through it."
--Rodney A. Grove, Former President of Oklahoma Conference of SDAs


"We were honored and blessed to have Vonda Beerman present the special music for Praise and Worship at our last camp meeting. Her music was truly a blessing to many. The Lord has His hand on her life and ministry in a mighty way. I gladly give her my recommendation."
-- Reverend C. Granderson, President of First Pentecostal Church, Siloam Springs, AR


"Thank you for coming to our Michigan Upper Peninsula camp meeting. Vonda, the Lord used you and your music as a real blessing to our people. It is our wish that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry in the days ahead."
--Elder Jay Gallimore, Former President of Michigan Conference of SDA